Following the racist murders in Hanau on February 19th 2020, we made a promise at vigils, rallies and funerals: that the names of the victims will not be forgotten. That we wont abandon ourselves. That the unspeakable dismay we are now feeling will not be here forever. The cameras and politicians are now leaving the city again. We will stay. We are setting up an initiative to give solidarity and the demands for education and political consequences a permanent place. We will not allow February 19th 2020 to be swept under the rug – like countless right-wing murders before. We will not allow perpetrators to be once again protected and their violence downplayed.

We now need direct support for those affected: access to legal advice and experienced lawyers, psychological support and help moving, financial support and independent education. And that’s not all: young people and adults in Hanau are thinking and talking a lot about the everyday experiences they have with racism – in schools, in daycare, at work, on the train. These discussions need both space and trust. We want to create this space, together with everyone who needs it, here, on site. A space against forgetting, against silence, against fear.

We want to create a space of trust. We want political solidarity and visibility. We stand for the society of many. Hanau is our city, our home. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it will remain. Here are the relatives, families and friends of those murdered and injured. They have to be heard. We will give each other support, for the next few weeks, months and years. We will ensure that consequences are drawn – and that nothing is forgotten.

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